Importance of Mid Day Meal Scheme in India

If you are studying in the government school or in a remote area school, mid day meal scheme is the term you might have heard several times. It is a government run program that provides free cooked meals to students studying in these schools. For your reference, the scheme was launched back into 1995 by the central government. Under this scheme a student is eligible to get cooked meals having an equivalent energy of 450 kcal.

In India, this scheme is very much popular and our Indian government spends a huge amount of budget into it. The main motto of this program is to enhance the school participation among the underprivileged children. So that they can also get education and meet their daily nutritional requirement too. In India it is the second largest food security programme that is useful for children.

Primary Objectives of the Mid-Day Meal Scheme

1 Focus on nutrition

In India there are many citizens who live under the below poverty line. Also, many of the students are unprivileged not to get proper nutrition. Therefore, schemes like the mid day meal emphasise on child’s nutrition and today crores of students across the nation are enrolled in government schools. So, parents who are unable to provide the adequate nutritional values to their kids, this scheme will fulfil that parameter.

There are many small kids and adults across the nation facing hurdles in pursuing education. Only one factor poverty is not solely responsible for this, many causes like socio-economic and geographical conditions include it. Hence, if these obstacles are the cause of lack of nutrition, this scheme is a good option to meet all deficiency.

2.Boosting a Socio-Economic Development

Living in a good social economic developed society is a fundamental rights of Indian constitution that you must know. So, this scheme has a crucial role over there as well. Yes, you heard it right! After all, if there are more enrolment of students into school, there will be children from different origins and cultures. As a result, it develops an environment of brotherhood and unity in the society.

It is the fact that many students drop education after a certain class due to financial constraints. However, this scheme holds them back and boosts their interest to pursue basic education. In fact, the mid day meal scheme emerges as an enticing incentive for parents to send their children to schools. Thus, they ensure that they get the basic nutrients required in a day.

3.Removing Malnutrition from India

Malnutrition is a major problem in India that is affecting small kids on a large scale. According to reports almost 15% of Indian disease burden is contributed by maternal malnutrition. And in a survey of 2015 to 2016, the proportion of underweight, stunted and wasted children under 5 years of age stood at 35.7, 38.4 and 21.0 percent.

In that case, a mid-day meal is a good option to resolve this crisis. A proper nutrition will help students to overcome hazardous diseases and health deficiency. Even WHO is concerned about global nutrition. However, this scheme is useful in eradicating this problem.

Role of Centre and State: Explained

Although the mid day meal scheme is funded by the central government, the implementation part is taken care of by the state government. Currently, the majority of states ‘ share is 40% whereas the rest goes to the central government’s budget. On the other hand, in union territories it is a 100% government sponsored scheme. So, we can conclude that this scheme is boosting a welfare deed towards the society. Hence, know much about it on the internet. This scheme will fix all nutritional deficiency problems in the country.

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