Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card – Benefits and How to Easily Apply

Explore the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card, which combines convenience with various benefits. 

From rewarding points to travel perks, this card has it all. Discover its benefits and how to apply it easily. 

Whether you’re a traveler, a shopper, or seeking a reliable card, the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card could be perfect. Let’s dive in!


Benefits of the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card

The Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card offers many benefits, making it a versatile choice for various lifestyles. 

Here are some key advantages of this card:

  • Rewarding points system for every purchase
  • Travel benefits including travel insurance and airport lounge access
  • Purchase protection and extended warranty for peace of mind
  • Easy application process with online and in-person options
  • Low annual fees and competitive interest rates
  • Access to exclusive offers and discounts for cardholders
  • 24/7 customer service for assistance anytime, anywhere
  • Cashback rewards on select purchases
  • Flexible payment options to suit your needs
  • Worldwide acceptance, making it ideal for travel

Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card – Benefits and How to Easily Apply

Rewards Program Details 

The Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card rewards program offers a range of benefits for cardholders. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards program:

  • Points system overview: Details on how points are earned and their value.
  • Earning points on purchases: Information on earning points for various types of transactions.
  • Bonus points opportunities: Special promotions and offers for earning bonus points.
  • Redeeming points: How to redeem points for rewards such as travel, merchandise, or statement credits.
  • Points expiration and limitations: Details on when points expire and any restrictions on their use.

How to Earn Points

Earning points with the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card is easy and rewarding. Here’s how you can earn points with your card:

  • Everyday purchases: Earn points on all your everyday purchases, from groceries to gas.
  • Travel expenses: Earn extra points when you use your card to book flights, hotels, or rental cars.
  • Dining out: Earn points when you dine at restaurants or order takeout.
  • Shopping: Earn points when you shop online or in-store at participating retailers.
  • Special promotions: Take advantage of special promotions to earn bonus points on select purchases.

How to Easily Apply for the Card

Applying for the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card is straightforward, offering both online and in-person options. 

Here’s how you can easily apply:

Online Application:

  1. Visit the Sumitomo Mitsui Card website.
  2. Fill out the online application form with your personal and financial details.
  3. Submit the required documents, such as identification and income proof.
  4. Await approval, which is typically communicated via email or SMS.

In-Person Application:

  1. Visit a Sumitomo Mitsui bank branch or participating location.
  2. Request an application form from the customer service desk.
  3. Fill out the form with your personal and financial details.
  4. Submit the form and the required documents, such as identification and income proof.
  5. Await approval, which may be provided on the spot or communicated later.

Tips for Maximizing the Card Benefits

To make the most of your Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card, consider these tips for maximizing its benefits:

  • Use the rewards program strategically, such as redeeming points for high-value rewards.
  • Take advantage of travel benefits, like airport lounge access and travel insurance.
  • Utilize purchase protection and extended warranty for eligible purchases.
  • Pay off your balance in full each month to avoid interest charges.
  • Keep track of special offers and promotions for cardholders.
  • Monitor your account regularly for unauthorized transactions.
  • Use the card for everyday purchases to accumulate points faster.
  • Consider adding supplementary cards for family members to earn more rewards.
  • Take advantage of cashback rewards on select purchases.
  • Stay updated with the latest card benefits and features.

Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card – Benefits and How to Easily Apply

Eligibility Criteria 

Certain criteria must be met to be eligible for the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card. Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Income: Applicants must meet the minimum income requirement of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
  • Credit Score: A good credit score is usually required for approval.
  • Citizenship: Some cards may be restricted to citizens or residents of specific countries.
  • Other Requirements: Additional documents or information may be required during the application process.

Card Fees

Before applying for the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card, it’s essential to know the associated charges. Here are the card charges to consider:

  • Annual Fee: ¥5,000 per year
  • Interest Rates: 15% APR for purchases
  • Late Payment Fee: ¥2,500 for each late payment
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 3% of the transaction amount
  • Cash Advance Fee: ¥1,000 or 5% of the cash advance amount, whichever is greater
  • Overlimit Fee: ¥2,000 for each occurrence
  • Returned Payment Fee: ¥2,500 for each returned payment
  • Other Fees: Replacement card fee of ¥1,500, statement copy fee of ¥500

Managing Your Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card Account

Managing your Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card account is convenient and easy. Here’s a guide on how to effectively manage your account:

  • Online account management: Learn how to access and manage your account online.
  • Payment options: Explore the various payment options available for your convenience.
  • Setting up automatic payments: Discover how to set up automatic payments for hassle-free bill payments.
  • Checking your balance and transactions: Find out how to check your card balance and review your transactions online.
  • Reporting lost or stolen cards: Learn the steps to take if your card is lost or stolen to protect your account.

Contact Details

You can contact the head office directly for inquiries or assistance regarding the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card. Here are the contact details:

  • Head Office Address: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, 1-1-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Phone Number: +81-3-3282-8111 – Weekdays 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (JST)

The Bottomline

In conclusion, the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card offers various benefits, including a rewarding points system and travel perks. 

Applying for the card is easy, and managing your account is convenient. 

Don’t miss out on the advantages of the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card—apply today!


The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. 

Terms and conditions for the Sumitomo Mitsui Classic Card may vary and are subject to change.